With the increasing emphasis in New Zealand on renewable energy sources, Tranzcarr Heavy Haulage Ltd has invested in specialised equipment to handle the demands of hauling the large loads that make up the wind towers.

Sites in New Zealand are very inaccessible and in remote corners of the country. Tranzcarr had found the need to have purpose built heavy prime movers to assist the loads up and over grades of up to 20%. In addition Tranzcarr had built 7 steerable trailers for blades capable of hauling up to 45 metre long blades. These units can be towed along the highway and then for tight cornering and site work have the capability of being manually steered from the rear.

Future development will see Tranzcarr invest in specialised self loading and unloading for the Nacelle (Turbine) units with weights up to 85 tonne.



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