Westwind Wind Farm

Meridian Energy Westwind Wind Farm at Makara West of Wellington

All loads were offloaded from Shipside and transported to the Port of Picton, then loaded onto barges for shipping to Oteranga Bay on the South Coast, below the project site.  They were then reloaded by special gantry lift onto trailers, for delivery to pad locations.  Gradients of 21% on site.

The Project also involved 2 x 94 tonne transformers moved by road from Port of Wellington, through Wellington City to the site via Makara.

62 x Siemens units

62 Nacelles weighing 86 tonne each – all Nacelles were offloaded at site with Tranzcarr 100 tonne jacking plant.

124 Tower sections up to 72 tonne each

186 Blade sections at 40m long

62 Hubs at 28 tonne

62 Power units at 8 tonne each

62 FCL containers


Click here for video of this project

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