Te Apiti Wind Farm

Meridian Te Apiti Wind Farm Project, Jan - Sept 2004

55 Windmills total, made up of the following components:

55 Inground bases = 22.5 loads each base, 4.5m diameter 11 tonne each.  27 tonne of reinforcing and 373 cube of concrete, to hold them in the ground. 

Out of ground: 55 Bottom sections = 55 loads, 4.5m diameter, 17 meters long.  3 days to weld the bottom section to the base, inside and out. 

55 Mid sections = 55 loads, 4.2m diameter, 19 meters long bolted together.

55 top sections = 55 loads 3.1m diameter, 31 meters long bolted together. 

All loads averaged a combined weight, inclusive of transporter, of 110 tonne approx.  The empty transporter average weight 60-70 tonne. 

55 Nacelles (turbines) = 55 loads, 3.1m wide, 50.4 tonne each. 

Once the towers started moving to site, they where in uniform Bottom / Mid / Top and Turbine.  These had to be erected all on the same day, with the turbine placed on top for stability. 

55 Hubs = 55 loads, 3.1m diameter, 21 tonne each. 

165 Blades = 82.5 loads, each blade 6 tonne and 35 meters long, carried offset vice / versa with a total length of just on 50 meters, including transporter.

Dependent on the time of departure and item, travel times were between 3.5-6 hours per trip.  All Tower and Turbine loads were towed up the Saddle Rd from the bottom, to each site.

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